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A lot of the time I feel like the best thing about being in Japan is that I can no longer call up Katie's phone and listen to her voicemail message.  This is also the worst thing because it'll be gone by the time I get back and then I'll never hear her voice again.

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I just had a cavity filled (only one I've ever had) and I'm still numb and the numb half of my face itches and it keeps on itching even when I scratch it because I can't feel myself scratching it.  How can it even itch?  This is bullshit.

"While she has had well-publicized affairs with men ranging from Mick Fleetwood to Warren Zevon to The Eagles member Don Henley, [Stevie] Nicks has only married once, to Kim Anderson. His first wife had been Stevie's best friend and had recently died of leukemia, eaving behind a husband and young child, and Nicks felt it was her calling to marry Anderson and raise the child. They married in 1983, but the arrangement quickly fell apart when Stevie realized she had not handled the situation properly, and they split a year later."

Ahhh, the wonders of cocaine. 

In other news, I shall now announce my triumphant return to the task at hand: writing a paper on Alberto Fujimori who, it turns out, is a really, really bad person.  Really.

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There is nothing more exciting than the first snowfall.  Winter for the win!

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Maybe I over-estimated the stupidity of the general population. Maybe things can only get so bad before people start to wake up and do something about it. Maybe it's all gonna turn around from here.

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Tomorrow is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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Talking about what I did tonight makes me feel like too much of a moron.  I'm going to let google image search and microsoft paint tell the story for me.

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Finals are over and I´m pretty sure I tooled them, which is kickass.  Now, I have a couple days completely without responsibility to hang out in Salamanca, a few at a hostal in Madrid, and a few in NY that I understand will be detrimental to my recovering from jet lag and getting back on a normal American sleep schedule, but am looking forward to nonetheless.

I´ve enjoyed myself a lot here but will also be relieved to go home.  That´s a good balance. 

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Spain is increíble and I am having so much fun. 

Still, Americans are generally not anyone´s favorite people. It seems like there´s no other country that acts like such a soggy box of douchebags and pisses everyone off.  It also seems that there is no other country that cares so little about soccer.  I´m wondering if this is a coincidence.

In other news, the guy next to me has spent the 43 minutes that I have been here watching porn.  I kind of want to kill him.

My first exam is tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Current Mood: ecstatic¡Italia!

I have twelve hours and a Nalgene filled with coffee. This paper is worth forty percent of my grade.

Only one of us is getting out of this alive.

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